The Team — 2022-2023


Thomas Hilditch

Thomas is a Modern Historian in Year 13, who is primarily interested in American Race Relations in the 20th Century and late Ancien Régime France. Outside of the classroom, Thomas is a keen cricketer and real tennis player.

Max Hitchin

Max is a Modern Historian in Year 13, who has a range of interests but is particularly fascinated by East Asian and Economic History. Elsewhere, Max is an enthusiastic basketball and football player, a referee and an avid supporter of Cambridge United.


Cosmo Fasanya

Cosmo is a Modern Historian in Year 13, who is primarily interested in the Cold War, 19th Century Europe and the emergence of European empires. Cosmo also enjoys fencing and writes for the Chronicle.

Eliott Gallienne

Eliott a Modern Historian in Year 13, who is particularly interested in Modern French History and the birth of European Empires. Outside the schoolroom, he is a keen tennis, golf and polo player, and is Keeper of Eton Action.

Robbie MacDonald

Robbie is a Modern Historian in Year 13. He is very interested in historical periods such as the Napoleonic Wars, the Pax Britannica, the Byzantine Empire and the Crusades. Aside from History, Robert also studies Maths, Theology and French, and plays football and cricket for the school. 

Carl Scandelius

Carl is a Classicist in Year 13, who is especially interested in Ancient History and the influence of the classical world on more recent history. Beyond this, Carl is a keen linguist, a philosopher and an avid field game player.

Freddie Small

Freddie is an Ancient and Modern historian in Year 13. He is particularly interested in Russian History and 20th Century conflicts. In addition to this, he is an enthusiastic (if inept) cricketer and a member of the Chapel Choir.

Lead Writers

Edgar Brown

Edgar is a History GCSE student in Year 11, who is most interested in subjects such as the Bronze Age collapse, the dynasties of ancient China, and the age of European colonialism. Away from the classroom, he is also an enthusiastic rower and a keen musician.

Sebastian DeLorenzo

Sebastian is a Modern and Medieval Historian in Year 12, who is most interested in Napoleon, the British Empire and the history of military aviation. In addition, he takes a keen interest in Computer Science and Physics.

Alvin Zhou

Alvin is a Classicist and a Modern Historian in Year 12, who is particularly passionate about Ancient Military History and the rise and fall of empires. When he isn’t pouring over obscure Greek grammar, Alvin is a singer, an ardent debater and a fanatical gymgoer.